Want that killer keyboard part that will make your music shine?

Need a keyboard player?

… scorching solos – ballsy basslines – fashionable funk- soaring strings – orgasmic organs – ambient atmospherics – orchestral overtures – poignant pianos – sizzling synths – poetic pads …

From single part to full-blown arrangement, your personal, friendly, expert keyboard player is here to help.

Clavier Couture is just that: tailor-made keyboard parts for your track/song/album that are unique to you and played live by Daniel Biro in his studio. Your own affordable session keyboard player!

You’ve spent weeks fine-tuning your music to get it just where you want it except that the keyboard parts sound a bit lifeless.

  • Maybe you want to replace your quantised parts with live, played versions?
  • Maybe you want better sounds and more variation?
  • Maybe you know what you want but need to improve the arrangements?
  • Maybe you need to brainstorm some ideas from scratch?

Clavier Couture can take your ideas and transform  them into inspired contributions to your final work of art.

Just send your rough mix and some ideas of what you want and we’ll send back the perfect pro keyboard tracks (audio and/or Midi stems).

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Addicted to Analog

Rhodes?        Moogs?        Hammonds?

Clavinets?        Wurlitzers?       String machines?

Analog sounds are our speciality!

We love those warm and chunky sounds that reach the parts other sounds can’t. From authentic vintage gear to the latest computer plug-ins, we have a huge library to choose from to make sure you get the right vibe for your project.


Daniel Biro is an award-winning keyboard player, composer, producer who has worked on a truck-load of tracks, songs, gigs etc. Pop, rock, funk, jazz, dance, experimental, film and tv scores, Daniel’s done it all but he still enjoys injecting  sparks of keyboard genius into new music projects. His versatility means he’ll give you what you want, his creativity means he’ll add plenty of style and inspiration to your music.

For more info about Daniel’s work as composer please visit: www.danielbiro.com


Samples of Work

extracts from various past projects


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